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Feedback from our customers


Safe and effective disinfectant for a large area.

Mr Shek
Mr Shek, Teacher, used GG air fogging products to disinfect the school hall.

GG ​​products help solve mold pollution.

Dr Ho
Head of laboratory, used GG products to tackle mold contamination in the laboratory.

Disinfectants are not pungent and will not cause nasal allergy.

Miss Fong
Company manager, ordered GG subscription plan at Subscription Global, and received a bucket of 5L multi-purpose disinfectant for cleaning every month.The disinfectant has no pungent smell, so it does not affect colleagues with nasal allergies. It also can kill the virus to ensure the safety of employees.

Goodbye germs disinfectant is safe and non-toxic.

Mr Tong
a vendor working in Tai Po Market with confirmed cases of COVID-19. Mr Tong hired the Goodbye germs team to carry out ULV air fogging to clean the stall. ULV air fogging disinfection service has proven effective against COVID-19. The products of Goodbye germs are natural and harmless. There will be no health risks, even if people contact or eat food that has been exposed to GG disinfectant.

GG's products offer full protection.

Director Lin
Head of a Non-profit Sheltered Workshop in New Territories. Director Lin used GG disinfectant, disinfection door and disinfection column. The disinfection door and the disinfection column were placed at the entrance, and the staff must go through the whole body disinfection. At the same time, the facilities in the workshop were cleaned with GG disinfectant.
Thursday, August 31, 2017